Andy Holding

I have been a professional punter for 15 years and have made significant profits each year by using my own speed figures.  Although there are many other factors in determining a final bet, using these figures allows me to take an objective view on the merits of individual horses in a particular race, information that has undoubtedly provided me with a massive advantage over the bookmakers for many years.  Aside from my betting, I write a daily tipping column on the Oddschecker website and I’m also a regular pundit on William Hill Radio where most listeners will be aware of my passion for speed figures.

Andy Bate

I have been friends with Andy for over 25 years, initially meeting playing cricket our friendship grew when we realised we also shared a passion for horseracing.  The spreadsheet I have devised is an easy-to-follow table which highlights all the significant information you will need when analysing a horse race.  The crunching of the numbers into this well-crafted product is very much the backbone to this service and we both hope you will find the database as helpful and as profitable as we have over the years.